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Produced Naturally in Florida, USA
Florida Clams Florida Clams
Florida clam aquaculture has been featured on several videos. Why not enjoy a few of them right now?

Changing Seas is a public television series produced by WPBT2 in Miami, Florida.

The episode Farming the Sea originally aired in 2009.

Dirty Jobs with Mike Rowe: Worm Grunter Episode


This popular television show also highlights clam farming and processing in Alligator Harbor, Florida. When the link loads, you must choose either the third or fourth video on the right hand side, which are titled Clamming Up and Clam Bagging. The show is produced by the Discovery Channel and originally aired on December 22, 2009.

Emeril’s Florida: Florida Caviar, Clams & Rock Shrimp...Really?


This series, which airs on cable television’s Cooking Channel, is sponsored by Visit Florida. This episode highlights clam farming and processing in Sebastian, Florida. The show originally aired on March 16, 2014.

Cedar Key Clams: Fishermen Farming the Seas



This short introduction to clam farming was produced by the University of Florida IFAS Communications in 2012 as part of their Water: Connections for Life series.



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Funding Funding for the website was provided by the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, Division of Aquaculture through the 2014-15 Florida Aquaculture Program (contract #00094300). Continued support is provided through the Cedar Key Aquaculture Association.
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Acknowledgments Photography for the website provided by Sean Dowie, Ada Lang, Robert Seidler, University of Florida IFAS Communications, Carlton Ward, Jr., and Eric Zamora. The Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, Bureau of Seafood and Aquaculture Marketing provided the photos of cooked clams and recipes.